Grade II C17th Thatched Timber Frame Cottage with Wattle & Daub Infill Panels

Survey & Condition:

  • Structural decay and movement to oak timber frame members to lower roof rafters and front elevation
  • Failing thatch to roof
  • Previous inappropriate repairs to external elevation using cement mortars & renders
  • Previous inappropriate repairs to internal plasters using cement renders and gypsum
  • Moisture ingress encouraging damp & decay
  • Decay to casement window cills

Schedule of Repairs:

  • Replacement of decayed oak timber frame and localised repairs
  • Replace failed roof rafters
  • Remove decayed thatch and re-thatch to whole roof using wheat straw
  • Replacement of brick infill panels using lime mortars and matching handmade bricks
  • Repair & consolidate existing wattle& daub panels on a like-for-like basis
  • Removal of previous inappropriate external cement repointing to brick & flint plinth and repoint with lime mortar
  • Removal of previous inappropriate external cement render to timber frame and replace lath & plaster with a roughcast render
  • Removal of internal cement renders & gypsum plaster. Consolidate existing lime plaster and replace on a like-for-like basis
  • In-situ scarfed repairs to casement window cills
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